Renew My Church


October 8, 2021

Dear Parishioners,

“RMC is offering us a great opportunity …opportunity to be renewed not just from the outside but from the inside. RMC is moving us to be responsible for our church not just today, but for future generations to come; it is moving us for being responsible for ourselves and our brothers and sisters who need our discipleship, our witness and openness. RMC gives us the possibility of moving from old and comfortable zones into something new and great. Are we not called by God to be one Body in Christ? We all have different talents, and these talents should not be kept to ourselves, they should be shared with others. We are all called to renew ourselves and renew our church. We as a Church are called to be a sign of unity and an instrument of God’s peace among all people.

How can we all do this together? First, we have to be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, we need to be open and listen to each other attentively and to accept the new future with hope. We need to work together as one Body in Christ, we need to be disciples of Christ and make new disciples for future generations. We need to be open and work with other communities and share our talents and resources, and our culture with them; but also, we need to be able to accept their talents and resources and their culture. By doing so, we are becoming great and stronger. We need to have faith and love to accept others, we need to have hope and trust to accept some changes and move to a new future.

Therefore, I would like to ask you during the next few months to pray for the grace of peace and patience, for the grace of openness, for the grace of faith, trust, and wisdom. And when you are afraid or discouraged or upset remember that Jesus is with us always until the end of the world. I as your pastor along with Fr. Patrick will walk with you on this journey of renewal. We will walk together on the path of salvation and we will renew Christ’s Church.

Fr. Tom




Explanation of the Decree of Unification

 Dear St. Hedwig Parishioners,

We have received the decree signed by Cardinal Cupich. A decree is a pronouncement or document that formalizes a decision within the Church. In this case, the decree included here concerns the decision for our parishes to unify as a new parish after our grouping’s Renew My Church discernment.

Please note the decree is a legal document that addresses only a narrow set of items per church law. For example, a decree does not address school ministry. As we know, St. John Berchmans School will remain as it is under the new united parish, but that is out of the scope of the legal nature of the decree.

The decree states that St. Hedwig and St. John Berchmans will form a new parish on July 1, 2021. The decree states the new parish will have an ad interim name. This means that the parish will be called Saints Hedwig and John Berchmans Parish until we propose a new name to Cardinal Cupich for his consideration and approval. 

When you read the decree, you will notice the decree states St. Hedwig Church will be the parish church of the new parish and that the church of St. John Berchmans will be a church of the new parish. A couple of notes on this:

When two or more parishes unite as one parish, Rome requires that the united parish’s sacramental records be kept in one place and for that location to be designated in the decree as the parish church. Thus, in the future the sacramental records of the new parish, as well as the past sacramental records of each of St. Hedwig and St. John Berchmans will be maintained at the offices on the St. Hedwig campus. For the current time, each parish’s records will remain at their current locations, and we will update everyone when the records are fully brought together at the office on the St. Hedwig campus.

Second, the decree states that each of the churches of St. Hedwig and St. John Berchmans will be churches of the new parish. When a new parish is formed, all of the assets of each former parish become part of the new parish. This includes the churches. As shared at the recent announcement, both St. Hedwig and St. John Berchmans will continue to have a regular schedule for Mass. The specific Mass schedule after July 1 is an important topic we will discuss with parish leadership in the coming weeks.

Regarding the name of the new parish, there will be a process to include everyone. We will keep you updated on the timeline of when this process to consider a parish name will begin.

Until then, let us hold fast to the Lord’s promise that He is with us always, and trust in the fact that He is at work in a special way within our faith community and is creating something new for all of us. 



CLICK HERE to read the Decree of Unification

Wicker Square Renew My Church Update: May 10, 2021


Aktualności dotyczące inicjatywy Odnów Mój Kościół w dzielnicy Wicker Square: 10 maja 2021


Actualización de Renueva Mi Iglesia en la Comunidad de Wicker Square en: 10 de mayo de 2021


We have just started on our journey with the Renew My Church process.  This is an Archdiocese of Chicago program involving all parishes in the Diocese. The purpose of the program is to assess each parish’s spiritual and structural strengths and weaknesses and work together for improvement in both areas. St. Hedwig’s has been placed in a group with St. Mary of the Angels, St. Aloysius, and St. John Berchmans parishes. Committees from each parish are working with the Archdiocese to examine our resources and plan for the future.

We ask you to pray that the Holy Spirit grants wisdom and strength to our committee. Please also pray for the entire St. Hedwig Parish community as we embark on this important journey.

Archdiocese of Chicago information sheets available below

January 27, 2021 - RMC Overview from Diocese: English  Polish  Spanish 

January 27, 2021 - Parish Data Sheet: English  Polish  Spanish 

March 5, 2021 - RMC Initial Parish Scenarios: English  Polish  Spanish                

March 5, 2021 - RMC Scenario Feedback: English  Polish  Spanish