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2022 Annual Catholic Appeal:  Making all things new... God's promise and our responsibility

The Annual Catholic Appeal is an annual fundraising campaign that supports the parishes, schools, ministries, programs and agencies that serve the educational, physical and spiritual needs of the people of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Through Catholic Relief Services, the Appeal also serves people around the world, regardless of religious affiliation, whose lives are devastated by natural disasters, illnesses, wars and famine. Faith is alive in parishes and schools, soup kitchens and counseling centers, on street corners and in churches. It’s lived through people of all backgrounds, from every neighborhood. People everywhere come together to support one another. It is in this spirit that the Appeal exists: to bring support gifts, and build strong communities through faith and your generosity. Your contributions and generosity are deeply appreciated, much needed and make a real difference in the lives of many. Each of us is responsible for the well-being of others within our Archdiocese and throughout world. The Annual Catholic Appeal is an opportunity to meaningfully support Catholic education, faith formation, community life ministries and programs for peace and justice here and everywhere. Careful thought is given to the use of each and every gift. They are gifts to support God’s work, and we use them accordingly. More information...
The Faith Hub serves as an innovative pastoral lab for renewal across the Archdiocese of Chicago as part of Renew My Church. Renew My Church aims to make disciples, build communities and inspire witness. This renewal takes dedicated focus, time and energy and requires new skills and new methods of delivering programs and consistent pastoral planning. In order to help parishes achieve this renewal, the Building the New Reality Team of Renew My Church, which Fr. Peter directs, saw the need to establish a lab of pastoral experimentation to test priority initiatives and showcase best practices of renewal. Faith Hub Chicago is this lab. The Faith Hub is currently piloting Renew My Church initiatives that focus on implementing entry points for those who are not engaged in faith, radical hospitality that reaches out in care to others, and vibrant and transformative liturgies. 
As a way to directly support adults in their faith formation, the Faith Hub Chicago has developed online formation courses in which you can participate – Grounded in Faith, Rooted in the Church, Go Forth (for small group leader training). As a tool of the Building the New Reality, the Faith Hub will continue to offer a variety of ongoing formation opportunities for adults. To register or view all course offerings, go to:
Marriage and Family Ministry

The Marriage and Family Ministry Team aims to encourage families and couples across the Archdiocese of Chicago to live a life in Jesus Christ together, to strengthen their faith and relationship. The Marriage and Family Ministry Team works in coordination with other members of the Office of Lifelong Formation to engage with parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago to serve families, including but not limited to, those seeking marriage enrichment and engaged couples preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage.

In the apostolic exhortation, “The Joy of Love”, Pope Francis writes, “Marital joy can be experienced even amid sorrow; it involves accepting that marriage is an inevitable mixture of enjoyment and struggles, tensions and repose, pain and relief, satisfactions and longings, annoyances and pleasures, but always on the path of friendship, which inspires married couples to care for one another: ‘they help and serve each other.’” 

Just as Pope Francis encourages married couples to cultivate the joy of love, the Office of Lifelong Formation supports married couples on their path to holiness through resources and programs.  More information...

Belong Chicago

If you are a young adult and are looking for a place to belong, make new friends, serve others, learn about the faith, and connect with the Catholic community of the Chicago area click here.

Events around the Archdiocese

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